Main activities in the area concern research and optimization of biomass co-firing, combustion process and thermal processes in boilers, diagnostic work and design of combustion chamber, systems of preparing and transport of biomass, biomass burners, biomass and wastes gasification. Burner construction is optimized using laboratory investigations of fuel, numerical modelling and semi-industrial tests in the combustion stand of 0.5 MW thermal power. his combustion facility was extensively used for development of low-NOx burners and for biomass co-firing tests.

In the biomass gasification field, several biomass gasifiers are developed with the scale ranging from 1.5 kW laboratory installation, through 100kW wood-chips gasifier and 800kW semi-commercial installation started in mid-2007. Distributed energy production based on biomass is developed. Elements and systems of small (up to 20 MW) local district and industrial power plants are investigated.

Own technology of biomass gasification (in particular - fixed bed) is developed. The pilot installation (800 kW) integrated with coal fired grate boiler in CHP plant has been realized. Application of own construction of burners for crumbled biomass was demonstrated in several boilers at scale from 5 up to 23 MW thermal

The removal of dust, tars, chlorine and sulphur compounds from gas as product of biomass gasification for application in fuel cells as well as gas micro-turbines and combustion engines is investigated. The experience in the area of gas cleaning covers abatement, removal of trace elements and tar reforming in one biomass steam gasification reactor yielding high purity syngas for efficient CHP and power plants.

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